Julissa Arce’s spoke at Fountain St. Church for DLS.

By Tatiana Diaz - The Collegiate Staff On Wednesday, Grand Rapids Community College’s Diversity Lecture series continued with Julissa Arce’s lecture, The American DREAMer: From...

GRCC students reacts to gun violence in Chicago

While the nation is focusing on the aftermath of the Nov. 5 mass shooting at a Texas church that killed 26 people, the 2017...


Blade Runner 2049 is a must see

By Gabe Galligan - Collegiate Staff Thirty-five years ago the original “Blade Runner” film arrived in theaters. The film is of the neo-noir science fiction...

Looking for ways to enjoy the Autumn weather? Check out this...

By Samantha Baker - The Collegiate Staff Kent Harvest Trails lists many locations to visit during the fall for those who like to enjoy outdoor...

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Les Miserables at Grand Rapids Broadway

By Karlie Hershberger - Collegiate Staff Broadway Grand Rapids will be presenting the Tony Award winning musical, “Les Misérables” from Nov. 21 through the...

10 Fun Halloween Treats

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