International GRCC student responds to President Trump’s “Sh*thole countries” remark

By Najd Ayari - The Collegiate Staff Last Thursday, Donald Trump’s usage of a curse word during a private meeting with lawmakers on immigration went viral...

Flu Virus Outbreak

A nation-wide flu epidemic has resulted in school closures as well as visitor restrictions at several Grand Rapids Hospitals.    According to the Center of...

Police Reports 1/18

Cat Café Relaxer


This week in Hollywood – The Golden Globes

By Tara Woods - The Collegiate Staff This weekend was a big one in Hollywood, the 75th Annual Golden Globes awards took place in Beverly...

Living With Fear

By Jessica Newhouse Fears. We all have them. Even the most bravest of souls fear something, whether it be personally or worldly. Some of...


Are We Human Or Are We Dancer?

Music and The Youth

A New Way of Teaching

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“The Post” An Oscar worthy rebellion

By Tara Woods Steven Spielberg's “The Post” creates a haunting question: are we repeating history? Many know the story of the Pentagon Papers, otherwise known as...
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